About us


We’re a housing cooperative based in Machynlleth, Mid-Wales. We formed in June 2012, registered mutual 31642R.

If you’re interested in joining us, have a look at the Join us page to see if we’re currently looking for new members.

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What is a housing co-op?

A housing co-op is similar to a housing association, but it is managed (either entirely, or mainly) by its tenants. A housing co-op is, on one level, a group of people who have control over their own housing, without actually owning it personally.

In our housing co-op, members tend to live communally (e.g. we buy food as a house, take it in turns to cook and eat together when we can) and we each have a responsibility to contribute to the running of the co-op. We have a secretary, a treasurer, a maintenance co-ordinator and a food monitor. We have meetings to make decisions about how we run the house.


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