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Unfortunately we do not currently have any rooms avaliable at the Coop.

If you are interested in hearing about any rooms that might become avaliable in the future feel free to drop us an email at and we’ll be in touch.

If you’re interested in joining Mach Housing Coop, please read the “Apply” and “FAQs” sections below. 


What is a housing co-op?

A housing co-op is similar to a housing association, but is managed (either entirely, or mainly) by its tenants. A housing co-op is, on one level, a group of people who have control over their own housing, without actually owning it personally.

In our housing co-op, members tend to live communally (e.g. we buy food as a house, take it in turns to cook dinner and eat together when we can) and we each have a responsibility to contribute to the running of the co-op. We have a secretary, a treasurer, a maintenance co-ordinator and a food monitor. We have meetings to make decisions about how we run the house.

Who owns the house?

The housing co-op is a legal entity that owns the house and pays the mortgage using the rent that members pay to live here. No individual member has any personal ownership or equity in the house, and no individual member is financially liable for the house. 

Is the kitchen vegetarian?

In the past the kitchen has been vegetarian, but we have recently begun reintroducing meat. When we cook shared meals we adjust them so as to include everyone’s dietary requirements.

Can I opt-out of the communal food part?

You can take part in the decision-making about how much communal food we order and how often, but having tried other approaches, it’s unlikely we’ll exempt specific members, unless there’s a really good reason. We will always adjust what we’re buying as new members join, to make sure everyone’s dietary needs and preferences are covered by what we buy. 

Is it okay if I smoke?

Yes, but we don’t smoke inside the house.

Can couples apply?

Yes, not all of the rooms seem big enough, but just let us know in the application.

Can families apply?

We do not currently have any families with children or young people living in the Clubbhouse. We are inclusive and welcome applications from all, but we would want to have a conversation about your needs and whether this would be a suitable space for you.

Can I move in with my cat or dog?

We are not opposed to a pet joining us. It would have to be a conversation for the house to have, depending on the circumstances and opinions at that time.

What if I’m just looking for somewhere for a few weeks/months?

Our preference is for a new housemate who is up for committing for a while and getting involved in the co-op.

I’m away a lot, is that okay?

Collaboratively running and being part of a housing co-operative requires time and energy from all members, so our preference is for new housemates who are generally around to contribute and be involved. Please tell us about your circumstances when filling out the application form.

What sort of work commitment would I need to make as a member?

That’s a great question, have a look at our Shared Work Commitment Policy 

Can I claim benefits while living in the Co-op?

Yes, you can.

Past and present members have successfully accessed Universal Credit while living in the co-op. However, they have so far not been able to access Council Tax Reductions. Wales Co-op Centre is currently trying to fix this situation, but for the moment at least, Council Tax Reductions are not accessible to our members.

How do you choose a new housemate?

When choosing a new co-op member we try to take the following into account:

  • How well we think you would fit in the House and Coop;
  • How aligned you are with Cooperative Principles, including your commitment to work sharing;
  • How significant your need for housing is;
  • Any barriers you may face in accessing housing elsewhere due to discrimination.

How are you responding to the Covid-19 pandemic?

We are taking the pandemic seriously and following Welsh Government guidelines, as well as taking a collective approach to help keep each other and our community safe. When we have been at our most careful, we aren’t bleaching our shopping, but we are sometimes isolating or distancing in the house after travelling or exposure. At other times we have been more relaxed. We are in regular conversation with one another on how the house handles covid, responding to changes in the situation and Welsh Government advice as they occur. The main thing is that we keep the conversation open among ourselves to ensure we strike a balance between comfort and safety, taking into account the views of everyone in the co-op.


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